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The pirates

Thrilling games that takes children back to the age of pirates, ships, treasure, (foam) swords and shields. Designed for children aged 5 to 12, games are enthusiastically led by a coach with a bachelor’s degree in Leisure Sciences and over 17 years’ experience working with children.

Line battle

Two fleets of pirate ships square off at sea. In two parallel line, they lob volleys of cannonballs at each other.


In Treasure Bay

After stealing the treasure, the marauding pirates flee across the shallow bay, but are trapped by enemy rowboats. A battle ensues.


Naval duel

Two teams of pirates try to take their opponents’ ship. Ships are positioned under basket hoops that represent the watch. The opposing ship’s defences can be weakened either by scoring a basket or by throwing “cannonballs” into the boat.

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